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Felixstow Parish

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Fylchestowe or Fylstow

The shore here is hold and steep, being composed of a hard sand, intermixed with shingle, and perfectly free from ooze; and the marine view delightful. During the late war several martello towers were erected here, for the protection of the coast, which have since been removed, and the materials disposed of.

On the cliff, about three miles from Landguard Fort, is situated Felixstow Cottage, the residence of Sir Samuel Fludger, Bart. It was formerly a mere fisherman's hut, and was purchased by the eccentric Philip Thicknesse, Esq., then Lieutenant Governor of the Fort, for 55; whose taste, aided by the embellishments of his wife's pencil, soon converted it into a charming occasional retreat; and here they resided during the summer months.

On relinquishing his Lieutenant Governorship, he disposed of this cottage to the dowager Lady Bateman, for 400: about half the money which he had expended upon it. The grandmother of the present possessor (Sir Samuel Fludger, Bart.), purchased it for 2000.1

From the great number of Roman remains, such as urns, rings, coins, &c., that have been discovered here, it must have been a place of considerable importance during the time this country was under the Roman yoke. In 1748-5, the Rev. ______ Myers, then vicar of Walton, formed a considerable collection of nearly 4000, in gold, silver, and brass; among them was a splendid brass medallion of Anthony and Cleopatra; Maximinian, with the reverse "Jori Conservatori," and Licinius, "Ubique Victoris," in gold; Denarii of Pescenuius Niger, Pertinax, and Albinus; and in large and middle brass, from Augustus to the Constantines. At his death, his valuable cabinets of coins and antiques were left by will, to the Rev William Brown, of Saxmundham; after whose decease they were sold, by Mr. Sotheby, of London, by auction, in 1827.

Felixstow of late has become a place of more general resort than formerly: bathing machines have been provided, and lodging houses erected, for the accommodation of occasional visitors, who may wish to enjoy its delightful and invigorating sea breezes in quiet and retirement.

CHARITIES. The following property, which is mentioned in the parish terrier as having been anciently left for the benefit of poor widows, is copyhold of the manor of Walton, with Trimley, and is vested in trustees: a cottage, called "Squires," and a garden adjoining; two parcels of land, containing together 1A. 3R.; a cottage, called "Knock's House," and half-an-acre of land; a blacksmith's shop, and an annuity, or customer, yearly payment of 7s., out of land called the "Town Piece," the rents of which amount to 17 6s. 6d.; which, after deducting for repairs and necessary outgoings, is divided equally amongst poor widows, in quarterly payments.

1.  An engraving of the cottage, when inhabited by Governor Thicknesse, on a reduced scale, was inserted in the Gentleman's Magazine, for 1816, Part ii. p. 105; from a larger one, which is now become scarce, and an animated description of this dwelling, from the pen of Mrs. Thicknesse, is given in the same publication, for 1809, Part ii. p. 1012, as extracted from the "Harwich Guide;" where also the present appearance of the cottage, and the beautiful marine prospects from it,
are noticed.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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