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Clopton Parish

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Clopton. Clopetuna, or Cleptuna

The Clopton's, of Kentwell, in Melford, derived their name from this village, from which they were probably very early detached, as there is no record of their having any possessions here.

In the 43rd of King Edward III., Bartholomew de Burghershe died seized of a lordship in this parish; and Edward Lord De-spencer, his son-in-law, died in the 49th of the same reign, seized thereof.

Anne, daughter of the said Edward Lord De-spencer, who married, first, Sir Hugh Hastings, of Elsing, and Gressinghale, in Norfolk, Knt.; and secondly, Thomas Lord Morley, of Hingham, in the same county, whom she survived., and died in 1426, seized of this manor, and also of Blaxhall, in this county.

John (not Hugh) Lord Bardolf, is the person said to die seized of a manor here, in the 45th of the above reign, and William was found to be his son and heir, aged 14 years. He married Agnes, daughter of Sir Michael Poynings, and, in the 8th of King Richard II., was summoned to attend the King, with his horses and arms, and whole service, to march into Scotland.

He died the following year, and Thomas Lord Bardolf, was found to be his son and heir, aged 17 years. He gave his vote for the safe custody of the late King, Richard II., in the 1st of Henry IV.; and being in arms against that King, in his ninth year, he was attainted, and executed for rebellion.

Sir William Bardolf, his brother, inherited the estate, with Scroteby, in Norfolk, Clopton, in Suffolk, &c., but not the Barony of Wrongey. He died in the 2nd of King Henry VI., without issue; and in the following year, Joan his widow, and Richard Selling her husband, released the said property, for an annuity, to the ladies Anne Clifford, and Joan Phelip, daughters and co-heirs of the Lord Bardolf who was attainted.

Anne was at that time the wife of Sir William Clifford, and afterwards married Sir Reginald Cobham: Joan was the wife of Sir William, son and heir of Sir John Phelip, of Dennington, in this county, and Julian his wife, daughter and heiress of Sir William Clopton, Knt.

Sir William Phelip was a Knight of the Garter, and Treasurer of the Household to King Henry V.; he was also Chamberlain to Henry VI., who granted him the honour of Wrongey, and title of Lord Bardolf.

He died in 1440, seized of this lordship, and also of Ilketshall, Brockley, Brundish, Cretingham, Wilby, and Dennington, in this county; where his remains were interred, and in our notices of which parish, some further particulars of him will be given.

ARMS. Bardolf: azure; three cinquefoils, or.

The Armiger's, who resided at Ottley, held lands also in this parish, in the time of King Richard II., about 1388.

In Ryce's M.S. History of Suffolk Families, is the following note: "In the church of Clopton, Sept. 10, 1657, I could not see any monuments, except one in the chancel, against the north wall, for Mr. John Causton, Bachelier in Divinity. He was of the School of Walsingham, and had been Fellow and President of Bennett College, in Cambridge; and afterwards Rector of Ottley, and Rector and Patron of Clopton. He died 1631, in the G4th yeare of his age."

At that time, in the east window of the chancel, was the ARMS of Touchet: gules; a frett, or; quartered with Revely: ermine; a chevron, gules.

CHARITIES. A messuage, in four tenements, occupied by poor persons rent free. Certain meadows and inclosures, containing altogether 14 acres, lately let for seven years, at 32 a year. The above premises have been held since 1489, for the repairs and maintenance of the parish church, and the relief of the poor. The "Bell Pightle," containing about l acres, let at 2 5s. a year. This was formerly given for the repairs of the church bells. The rents are applied in the reparation of the church, &c., and the surplus, when any remains, is laid out in the purchase of coals, winch are distributed among the poor.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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