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Charsfield Parish

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Ceresfella or Ceresfelda

In the time of Tung John, this lordship was vested in William de Weyland; who fined for his villains here, and in Westerfield. It continued in that family until the death of Sir John de Weyland, ill the time of King Richard II.; when Elizabeth, his only daughter and heiress, inherited this manor. She married John Harewell, Esq., of Warwickshire; and Joan, their only daughter and heiress, married John Stretche, Esq., of Devonshire.

This Joan Stretche, it appears, died without issue, and her pos-sessions devolved upon the descendants of Margaret and Catherine, sisters and co-heirs of the said Sir John de Weyland, grandfather of the above Joan. Margaret married to Sir John de Tudenham, and Catherine to Sir John deBotetort, lord of Mendlesham, in this county.

In 1434, on the death of Joan Stretche, a fine was levied between Sir Thomas Tudenham, grandson of the above Sir John Tudenham, and Margaret his wife, and Sir John Knevet; who married Joan, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Botetort, and Catherine Ms wife; by which this manor, with Brandeston, Westerfield, and other lord-ships in this county, were granted to the said Sir Thomas Tudenham; and the other possessions of the said Joan, in Somersetshire, &c., to Sir John Knevet.

From the Tudenhams it passed to the Bedingfields, as in Bedingfield parish; and in the 2nd of Queen Elizabeth, Sir Edmund Bedirigfield held the manor of Charsfield Hall, at half-a-knight's fee, and paid castle guard rent to Framlingham Castle; in the 30th of the same reign, Edmund Bedingfield, Esq., held the same.

Henry Bedingfield, Esq., kept his first court for this manor in 1591; he was afterwards knighted, and obtained a grant from the lord of the manor of Framlingham, that the manor of Charsfield should riot in future be holden of Framlingham by knight's service, but by fealty only. In 1C 13, he sold the manor of Charsfield, Charsfield Hall, and the demesne lands belonging thereto, to Sir John Leman, Knt., and his heirs.

Sir John Leman was Alderman and Lord Mayor of London; was Knighted by King James I., in the 12th of his reign, and the same year kept his first court for this manor. By deed, dated April 7, 1629, he settled this estate upon William Leman, Gent., (the eldest son of John Leman, Gent., eldest son of William Leman, of Beccles, Gent., the eldest brother of Sir John), and his heirs for ever. Sir John Leman deceased in 1632, and was buried under an elegant monument, in St. Michael's church, Crooked Lane, London, having been a considerable benefactor to that city.

William Leman, Gent., after the death of Sir John, kept his first court for this manor in 1640; he gave the said manor to Margaret, his second wife, the daughter of Matthew Trot, of Hargrave, in this county, Gent., for life: the reversion thereof, to John Leman, his eldest son. He was the first of this family who resided here, and kept his first court in 1662: he died in 1668; and his eldest and youngest sons, after his decease, without issue, leaving William their brother, who succeeded to Ms father's inheritance.

He married Elizabeth, the only daughter and heiress of Robert Sterling, of this parish, Gent.; a family of good repute here for several ages, descendants of the Sterling, of Witnesham and Brandeston. In or about 1735, the said Elizabeth, as widow of the above William Leman, Esq., inherited tin's estate, and resided here.

It was soon afterwards purchased by William Jennens, Esq., of Acton Place, in this county; and subsequently became the property of the Curson family. The Eight Hon. the Earl Howe is the present proprietor.

In 1635, Robert Large, clerk, held this curacy, from which he was ejected about 1644, for reading the Book of Common Prayer, and for taking the solemn league and covenant with limitations; he became afterwards in such abject circumstances, as to accept of an asylum in the alms-house at Letheringham, where he and his family obtained a constant supply of provision from the Abbey. He died in 1657, and was buried in Letheringham church yard.

ARMS. Weyland: argent; on a cross, gules, five escallops, or. Bedingfield: ermine; an eagle, displayed, gules. Leman: azure; a fess between three dolphins, embowed, argent. Stirling: azure; a cross pattee, between four stars of six points, or.

CHARITIES. This parish has a share in the bequest of Joseph Kersey, for an account of which see Earl Soham.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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