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Butley Parish

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Butelea, or Buttelay

This parish is situated in two hundreds; the church being in this, and the abbey in Plomesgate hundred, for which see an account.

In a pastoral song written here in 1792, by the Rev. John Black, the poet celebrates the "fair Donegall; "Barbara, the third wife of Arthur, first Marquess of Donegall. She was the daughter of the Rev. Dr. Godfrey; was married to his lordship Oct. 12th, 1790, and they both resided in this parish occasionally, for many years.

The Marquess's first wife was Anne, the only daughter of James, Duke of Hamilton, by Elizabeth, the daughter and heir of Edward Spencer, of Rendlesham, Esq.; by whom he had George Augustus, the present Marquess.

Staverton Park, in Butley, has long been the property of the family of Barnardiston; and Nathaniel Barnardiston, of the Eyes, near Sudbury, Esq., is now the owner of it.

The Rev. John Black was for many years a resident in Wood-bridge, and died there, August 30, 1813, in the 59th year of his age. He was licensed to the perpetual curacy of this parish in 1789, and to that of Ramsholt in 1807; was highly respected for the excellence of his understanding, and the amiable qualities of his heart.

Mr. Black was a good classical scholar, and possessed a considerable share of poetical talent. The pious resignation of a Christian supported him in the troubles and privations which it was his hard lot to encounter in domestic life. He published some sermons preached on particular occasions, and "Solitary Musings, in Verse," 8vo.; in 1799, "Poems,"8vo., which were honored by a very large subscription, and to which is prefixed his portrait; and, in 1801, "The Free School, a Poem; "to which is added, "An Elegy on the Death of Edmund Jenney, of Bredfield, Esq., and of Philip Bowes Broke, Esq., of Nacton, "who both died in that year. Also "An authentic Narrative of the Mutiny on board the ship Lady Shore, with particulars of a Journey through part of Brazil, in a letter dated ' Rio Janeiro, Jan. 18, 1798,' "from his son, one of the surviving officers of the ship.

CHARITIES. By deed, dated in 1731, Thomas Lynd, conveyed to trustees, two pieces of land, containing by estimation one acre, in trust for the use and maintenance of the poor inhabitants of tins parish. This land is let at the rent of .1 5s. a year; which, with 10s. 6d. a year, the rent of a small piece of ground, on which an. old town-house formerly stood, is distributed among poor widows, and other poor persons.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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