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Burgh Parish

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Burgh, or Burgh

In the time of Charles I., the Clenches had property, amounting to about; 300 per annum, in this parish; and one of the sons of the Judge Clench, of Holbrook, made it his chief residence.

Maud de Lancaster, Countess of Ulster, gave the advowson of this church to the chauntry, which she founded in 1348, within the chapel of the blessed Virgin Mary, in the nunnery of Campsey, in this county, for five priests to pray for the health of the souls of William de Burgh, her first husband, sometime Earl of Ulster, and of the good estate of her two daughters, during their lives, and of their souls after their death. In 1354, this chauntry was removed to Rokehall, in Bruisyard. The Countess married to her second husband, Ralph de Ufford; and Burgh church was given to this nunnery, on condition that it should find some chaplains to celebrate for the soul of the said Ralph.

Mr. Barnes, of Sotterley, who held a lordship in this parish in 1764, purchased the same, with the advowson, from the family of Betts; and his representative still owns it.

The prior and convent at Woodbridge, were seized of 14s. l1d. rent, in this parish.

June 15, 1814, died the Rev. Benjamin Dawson, L.L.D., rector of this parish, aged 85 years, and in the 54th of his incumbency. As a divine, Mr. Dawson was eminent for his extensive acquaintance with every branch of theology; as a critic, for the correctness of his structures, and the perspicuity of his remarks; and was not less distinguished, as a philologist, for the accuracy of his judgment, and the depth of his research.

He was the author of several treatises on various subjects of theology and criticism; but the chief work, on which he had been long engaged, and of which a small part only is published, was a Philological Dictionary of the English Language: a work which evinces a profound knowledge of the theory of language, and which, so far as it is completed, has extended the bounds of philological science, and enriched, in no inconsiderable degree, the stores of etymology,

CHARITIES. Three cottages occupied by poor persons rent free. Certain inclosures, containing altogether about 13 acres, and let at the annual rent of 10 11s. 6d. This property is partly freehold and partly copyhold, and is situated in this parish, with the exception of 1A. 2r., which lays in the parish of Grundisburgh. The rents are applied in repairs of the cottages, repairs of the church, and other expenses of the churchwardens' office; and the property is vested in trustees, chosen from time to time by the continuing trustees, and the inhabitants of the parish

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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