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Bruisyard Parish

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Buresiart or Burisyerde

The College here was originally established at Campsey-Ash, but was removed hither by Maud, Countess of Ulster, in 1354; and the priests had in the manor place here, a common refectory, dormitory, and a chapel dedicated to the annunciation of the Virgin Mary. At the instance of Lionel, Duke of Clarence, this college was surrendered to the use of an Abbess and sisters, nuns minoresses of the order of St. Clare, in 1366; and so continued, until its dissolution.

Pope Urban V., about 1364, permitted Maud de Lancaster, to enter the order of St. Clare, and to leave the order of St. Austin nuns, wherein she had made her profession, at Campsey, after the death of her husband. This lady is considered the foundress of this nunnery, but by some authorities, Lionel, Duke of Clarence, is styled the founder.

In "Liber Valorum," 1534, gross value, 78 2s.; and to this house were appropriated the churches of Bruisyard, Sutton, Buimere, Burgh, Rendlesham, and Rewenhall: the manors of Wrabnes, of Hargham, Winston, South Repp, Rokehall, Stanford, Holbrook, Tatingstone, Wilton, and Benge.

The site, called Rokehall, with the manor, and patronage of the vicarage, is now vested in the Earl of Stradbroke.

Sir Nicholas Hare, Knt., the grantee, was Master of Requests to King Henry VIII., and King Edward VI.; Chief Justice of Chester in the 32nd of the former King; and Master of the Rolls, and of the Privy Council, to Queen Mary; Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, and was twice chosen Speaker of the House of Commons. He raised the greater part of the estate the family now possess. By Catherine, daughter and co-heir of John Bassingborne, of Woodhall, in Hertfordshire, Esq., he left issue four sons, who all died without issue male, and the principal part of his estate devolved upon Sir Ralph Hare, grandson of his brother John. Sir Nicholas died in 1557, seized of this Abbey.

Anne, his daughter, married Thomas Rous, Esq., of Henham Hall, ancestor of the present noble proprietor, who probably inherits this estate in right of that marriage.

The Rev. Matthew Scrivener, formerly of Catherine Hall, Cam-bridge; made an augmentation of 6 13s. 4d. to this curacy, and laid it as a rent charge upon an estate in this parish, to be paid annually to the curate, for ever. Mr. Scrivener was minister of Haslingfield, about five miles south of Cambridge.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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