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Brandeston Parish

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Brandeston, or Brantestuna

The family of Dagworth held a lordship in this parish, of the Abbot of St. Edmund's Bury; and in 1253, King Henry III., granted Osbert, son of Harvy de Dagworih1, free warren in the said manor.

In the 5th of King Edward I., Sir Thomas de Weyland, gave to Ralph, Prior of Woodbridge, the rectory of this parish church, for the souls of Herbert his father, and Beatrix his mother, William and John his brothers, and Anne his wife; with a piece of meadow, a mill, and two shillings rent here: and the said Prior covenanted to find a canon to pray for them, in his conventual church. Sir Herbert, Sir Thomas, Sir Nicholas, and Sir Robert de Weyland, were buried in the aforesaid Priory.

In the 22nd of King Edward III., a fine was levied between Sir Saier de Rochford. a commissioner of the banks and sewers in Lincolnshire, in the 16th of that reign, and Joan his wife, and John Cleymond, of Kirkton; who conveyed lands in this parish to Sir Saier, and Joan his wife, in tail. He appears to have resided at Stivekey, in Norfolk.

In 1565, Andrew, John, and Anthony Revet, made a joint presentation to the church of Great Moulton, in Norfolk; and in 1570, John Revet, of this parish, Esq., was owner of the said lordship and advowson; and John Revet, of Ipswich, presented to the same church, in 1581, and was buried there; Thomas Revet, of Rendlesham, Gent., in 1673: and the said estate continued in this family after 1689, when Thomas Revet, Esq., presented.

Nicholas Revett was the second son of John Revett, Esq., of Brandeston Hall, and was born there in 1720. He was an ingenuous draughtsman; fellow traveler with James Stuart, Esq., and joint editor of the "Antiquities and Ruins of Athens, "where they resided many years.

Mr. Revett also traveled through Asia Minor, &c., with Dr. Chandler, and published the "Ionian Antiquities, "having been engaged for that purpose by the Dilettanti Society. He returned in 170G, and appears to have passed his time in preparing the drawings for publication, and in superintending some works of architecture.

Among the edifices which he designed are, at Lord le Despencer's, West Wycomb, the eastern and western porticos, the temple of Flora, and the temple in the island; the church at Ayot St. Lawrence, in Hertfordshire; and the portico to the eastern front of Handlinch, in Wiltshire, the seat of James Dawkins, Esq. He died in London, June 3, 1804, and was buried in the churchyard here, where an altar tomb, with an inscription, has been erected to his memory.

This lordship was purchased by Andrew Revet, Esq., in 1548, from the Bedingfield family.

Among the unhappy sufferers for witchcraft in Suffolk, was an aged clergyman of this parish, named Lowes.

The Rev. William Clubbe, LL.B., who was forty-five years vicar of this parish, and rector of Flowton for the same period, was the second son of the Rev. John Clubbe, B.A., rector of Whatfield, and vicar of Debenham; author of the "History and Antiquities of Whatfield, "an admirable piece of irony, leveled against modern antiquaries.

He died at Framlingham, Oct. 16, 1814, and was buried in the churchyard of this place. Mr. Clubbe was a person of considerable attainments, and like his father, possessed a rich fund of natural humor. He was the author of several publications, which are enumerated in the "Suffolk Garland, "with his "Lamentation of Stephen Spink, the Brandeston Post Boy, "inserted in that pleasing work.

CHARITIES. A piece of land, containing about 1 acre 2 rods (of the donation of which, or the particular trust respecting the same, nothing is known), is occupied by a poor man, who holds without paying rent, instead of receiving parochial relief. Another piece of land, containing about one acre, is understood to have been given by a Mrs. Mary Revett, for apprenticing poor children. This land lets at a rent of .1, or .1 1s. a year.

Robert Hawes, Gent., attorney-at-law, was eldest son of Henry, second son of Robert Hawes, Gent., chief constable of this hundred in the time of King Charles I., and long afterwards; whose family derive their descent from Robert Hawes, Gent., the son of Henry (formerly written) Hawe, by Helen his wife, daughter of Thomas Crapnall, of this parish: which Henry descended from the Hawes, of Hilgey, in Norfolk;' where one of the same name, and bearing the same arms, lies interred.

Mr. Hawes married Sarah, the youngest daughter of George Sterling, of Charsfield, in this hundred, Esq., and succeeded Maurice Kendall, as steward of Framlingham and Saxted manors, in 1712. He died in 1731, and was buried in Framlingham church: some of his ancestors are buried at Brandeston.

This gentleman was the industrious compiler of a history of this hundred; from which the "History of Framlingham, "was published in 4th., with additions, in 1798, by the late Mr. Robert Loder, of Woodbridge; in the preface to which work, Mr. Loder gives the following particulars:

"The following work, forming part of the History of the Hundred of Loes, is extracted from a very fair manuscript, comprising upwards of 700 folio pages, closely written, adorned in the body of the history and in the margins, with drawings of Churches, Gentlemen's Seats, miniature Portraits, ancient Seals, and Coats of Arms of the Nobility, Gentry, and Clergy, blazoned in their proper colors; which was compiled by Robert Hawes, Gent., and remains in the collection of John Revett, of Brandeston Hall, Esq."

Mr. Hawes presented another copy2 of the same to the Master and Fellows of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge; which was so well accepted, that they presented him with a large silver cup and cover, adorned with the college arms, with an honorable Latin memorial engraven upon the same.

ARMS. Hawes: sable; a fess humetty, ermine, between three griffins' heads, erased, argent.

1.  For a further account of this ancient family, see "Dagworth, "a hamlet in the hundred of Stow.

2. A transcript of part of this manuscript is now before us, from which we hope to collect much original matter concerning this hundred.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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