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Boyton Parish

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Boyton, or Begeton

The lordship of this parish was anciently the property of Sir Simon de Rattlesden.

Mr. Kirby gives some account of the foundation and endowment of Warner's almshouse in this parish, the revenues of which have greatly increased since his time; so much so, that the trustees have been enabled to augment the number of inmates to sixteen, and contemplate a still further increase.

By the last scheme approved by the Court of Chancery, the petitioners proposed to increase the annual sum of .10 to the master of the charity school at Stradbrook, to .15; and to increase the allowance to each of the twelve poor persons in the almshouse at Boyton, to 7s. a week; and to allow them .2 5s. each, per annum, for firing; .2 15s. a year each, for clothing; the nurse who attends upon them to have the same allowance. It was further proposed to add four poor persons (two men and two women), to the then number of twelve, and to put them on the same footing, in every respect, with the twelve, with divers additional expenditures consequent upon that increase, such as the erection of new, or enlarging the present almshouse.

The Master was of opinion that the said scheme was proper to be carried into effect, and that the said increased allowances should commence from the 10th of October, 1802.

The indenture of bargain and sale inrolled in Chancery, for the endowment of this charity, bears date the 22nd June, 1736. Mrs. Mary Warner, of this parish, died in or about 1743, when the almshouses were erected.

In the chancel of this parish church is the following inscription:

"Samuel Hingeston, A.M.
Forty-Two Years Rector of This Parish,
and Twenty Years Rector. Of Holton
St. Peter,
In This County,
Died February 8, 1807,
Aged 77."

He was second son of Robert Hingeston, A.M., rector of Great Bealings, and West Greeting, in this county, and twenty-three years master of the grammar school in Ipswich, and Katherine his wife, daughter of the Rev. Samuel Buli, rector of Brarnpton, in this county.

Mr. Hingeston was of Caius College, Cambridge: A.B., 1750; A.M., 1756. James Hingeston, his brother, was of Emanuel College, Cambridge: A.B., 1755; A.M., 1758: was vicar of Raydon, in this county. He published, in 1771, "Discourses upon the Covenants," 8vo.; and died March 30, 1777, aged 44.

Mem. A few years ago as some laborers were digging sand from a pit in this parish, one of them found an armlet of very curious workmanship, in pure gold; it was exhibited by Mr. Stothard, at the Antiquarian Society, and an account of it was given in the Transactions of the Society.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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