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Boulge Parish

British Isles Genealogy | County of Suffolk

Boulge or Bulges,
With Debach, Depebecs or Depebec

In the 9th of King Edward I., Queen Margaret held the lordship of Boulge, and Debach; and these manors and advowsons were part of the estate of the Seckford family, which descended to Dorothy, widow of Henry Seckford, Esq., who deceased in 1G38, and daughter of Sir Henry North, Knt. She survived until 1673, and bequeathed them to her cousin, Sir Henry North, of Mildenhall, Bart.; from whom this estate descended to Sir Thomas Hanmer, of the same place, Bart., and from him to the Bunbury family.

The present owner of this property is the Rev. Osborne Shribb Reynolds, who is also patron and incumbent. Boulge Hall is the estate and residence of John Fitz Gerald, Esq., who served the office of High Sheriff for this county, in 1824.

The Prior and Convent of Woodbridge were seized of 12d. rent in Boulge, and of lands and rent in Debach, valued at 2s. lid.

CHARITIES. It appears from deeds respecting the town lands of these parishes, that part thereof was in old time settled, and held in trust for payment of tenths and fifteenths, for the village of Debach, the sustentation of the poor, the reparation of the church, and for the doing other charitable works in the said village; and that other part thereof was purchased with money arising from the sale of the eighth part of a ship bequeathed by Richard Francis, in 1044, upon trust, that the produce thereof should be laid out in land, and the profits of such land employed for the relief of the poor of Debach.

The property consists of four tenements, with small gardens adjoining, occupied by poor persons at low rents, and of several closes of land, lying in and adjoining to the parish of Debach, containing in the whole, by survey, 26A. 2R. 2 IP., including the gardens annexed to the cottages: the rents of which amount together to .40 a year. These, after defraying necessary charges and outgoings, are applied in the repairs of the church, and in payment of other expenses incidental to the churchwardens' office, in lieu of a church rate;  .1 6s. a year is paid to the teacher of a Sunday school, and about .6 or .7 a year, on an average, is laid out in coals, which are given to the poor during the winter season.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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