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Blythford Parish

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Blythford or Blideforda

About the 1st of King John, Ralph de Criketot gave this church to Bliburgh Priory; and in the 24th of the following reign, a fine was levied between Avicia de Criketot, petent, and Simon de Criketot, tenent, of the third part of two Knights' fees in this parish; as the inheritance of Ralph de Criketot, her deceased husband, granted her in dower.

Hugh de Bevant, and Felicia his wife, sued for a third part of this manor, against Warm de Montchensey, of the inheritance of Simon de Criketot, her late husband, and recovered it. By this it appears, the Bevants inherited this estate by marriage with the Criketots; for Thomas Bevant, in the 9th of King Edward I., was owner of this lordship.

The impropriation, at the dissolution of Monasteries, was granted to Sir Arthur Hopton, and passed, with the manor, to the Woods and Chapmans, as did the Loudham estate. The present proprietor and patron, is the Rev. Jeremy Bay, of Hethersett, in Norfolk.

Robert Mekylfeld, of this parish, Esq., married Margaret, daughter of William, and sister and heir of John Irminglund, rector of Stivekey St. John, in Norfolk; and relict of Richard Calthorpe, Esq., of Cockthorp, in the same county. She died in 1480, having survived her last husband; and was buried at Cockthorp.

Katherine, wife of Thomas Gauze (or Caus), of Hingham, in Norfolk, was buried in All Saints church, in this parish, in 1485; to which she was a benefactress.

By the last will of Matthew Walter, of this parish, made in 1589, he gives and bequeaths to Margaret his wife, all his tenement, lands, meadows, feedings, and pastures, lying and being in Bliford, lately purchased of Thomas Back; and one enclosure in Holton, containing eighteen acres, lately purchased of W. Bonett; and also one meadow in Bulchamp, during the term of her natural life: remainder unto John Parker, his cousin, upon this condition; that he, his heirs, or assigns, pay or cause to be paid, yearly, and every year for ever, the sum of 10, in the following manner: to the poor of this parish, 20s.; the same sum to each of the parishes of Fersfield and Brisingham, in Norfolk; and Halesworth, Bliburgh, Wangford, and Southwold, in Suffolk; and 10s. each to the poor of Bulchamp, Reydon by Southwould, Henham, Holton, Uggeshall, and Stoven: and in default thereof, then the above property to revert to Basingbourne Parker, brother of the said John; and if he makes default, then to Mr. Francis Braye, son of Mr. Saynt John Braye, under the same limitations. It was proved at Bliburgh, before Mr. Bartholomew Styles, Clerk, surrogate to John Maplizden, Archdeacon of Suffolk, the 4th of November, 1589.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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