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Benacre Parish

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The demesne of this parish was anciently in Simon de Pierpoint. In 1577, John Whinburgh, Gent., of Norfolk, was owner of this lordship; which in the time of King Charles I., became the estate of Henry North, Esq., by purchase; from whom it descended to Thomas Carthew, Esq., who about 1743, sold it to William Gooch, Esq. (afterwards Sir William).

In or about 1721, Mr. Carthew erected a handsome seat here,1 which Sir Thomas Gooch still further enlarged and beautified; and Sir Thomas Sherlock Gooch, the 5th Baronet of that house, late M.P. for this county, the present possessor, makes it his country residence.

The family of Gooch became early seated in this county. Robert Gooch, of Bungay, is the first we have any particular account of; who left one son, William Gooch, of Mettingham, Esq.: he married Martha, the daughter of Christopher Layer, Esq., of the city of

Norwich; whose descendants, in the elder branch, intermarried as follows:

William Gooch, Esq., who resided at = Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Richard Baspoole, of St. Margaret's, Mettingham, in 1664.          S. Elmham.

Thomas Gooch, Esq., 2nd son, died in = Frances, dau. and co-heir of Thomas Lane, Esq., of 1688.                                                     Worlingham.

William Gooch, Esq., Lieut. Governor   Thos. Gooch, succes = Mary, (sister of Bp. Sherlock)
of Virginia; created a Bart, in 1746        sively Bp. of Bristol,
died S. P., in 1751.                               Norwich, and Ely

Sir Thomas Gooch, 3rd Bart., died in = Anne, dau. and heir of John Attwood,Esq., of Saxlingham, 1781                                                     Norfolk.

I Sir Thomas Gooch, 4th Bart., died in = Anna-Maria, dau. of William Hayward, Esq., of Surrey.

Sir Thomas Sherlock Gooch, present == Marianna, dau. of Abraham Whitaker, Esq., of Lyster  Bart.                                                       House, co. Hereford, and sister of Charlotte Maria,
                                                              present Countess of Stradhroke

Edward Sherlock Gooch, Esq., eldest = Louisa, 2d dau. of Sir George Prescott, Bart., of Theobald's son.                                                       Park, Hants.

In 1786, a discovery was made here of a considerable number of Roman silver coins; upwards of 900, in good preservation, but none older than the time of Vespasian. Sir Thos. Gooch purchased the greater part of them. Two of them, then in the possession of the late Mr. Johnson, of Woodbridge, were engraved in the "Gentleman's Magazine," for the year 1788.

ARMS. Whinburgh: per fess, indented, argent and sable, three bears, passant, counterchanged. Gooch: per pale, argent and sable, a chevron between three talbots, passant, counterchanged: on a chief, gules, as many leopards' heads, or.

1. A view of this is given in "Davy's Seats of the Nobility and Gentry of Suffolk,'' and in "Excursions through Suffolk."

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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