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Bealings Magna Parish

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Bealings Magna, or Belinges

The principal lordship of this parish was bought of the heirs of the Pitts, of Crows' Hall, in Debenham, by James (not George ) Bridges, Esq., who resided here. The hall, some years afterwards, became the residence of the farmer of the estate, and was at length pulled down by Sir John Henniker, Bart., who at that period was owner of the property; and it now belongs to the Right Hon. John Henniker Major, Baron Henniker, M.P. for East Suffolk, his representative.

The Seckford Hall estate, in this parish, became the inheritance of a family of that name about the time of King Edward II., and so continued until the death of Mrs. Dorothy Seckford, in 1673.

In 1359, Sir John de Seckford resided here; he was son of Sir John de Seckford, of this parish, Knt., and Joan his wife, eldest daughter and co-heir of Sir William Hakeford; and who, in 1331, became in her right, owner of Hakeford Hall manor, in the parish of West Herling, in Norfolk. He married Alice, daughter of _______ _______, who kept court at West Herling, in 1372, Sir John de Seckford, her husband, being then dead.

Sir George de Seckford succeeded, who possessed the said manor, and in 1401, settled it on Margaret his wife, daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas Jenny, Knt.; who after the death of Sir George, re-married to Augustine Stratton, and this property passed to George Seckford, Esq.

He married Alice, daughter of Thomas Rokes, of Ridlesworth, in Norfolk, and died in 1450: his widow re-married Sir Henry Wingfield, Knt., who, in 1470, joined with her in a release of Hakeford Hall manor, to Thomas Seckford, Esq., lord of Seckford Hall manor, in this parish. He was her son by the former marriage.

This Thomas Seckford married, first, Margaret, daughter of John Purrey, of Aylesham, in Norfolk; and secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of _______ _______. He died in 1507, leaving Thomas Seckford, Esq., of this parish, his heir; who married Margaret, daughter of Sir John Wingfield, of Letheringham, in this county, Knt. He represented the borough of Orford in several parliaments; died in 1575, aged 80; and lies interred in this parish church, where a monument remains to his memory.

Thomas Seckford, Esq., one of the masters of the Court of Request, and surveyor of the Court of Wards and Liveries, the munificent founder of the almshouses in Woodbridge, was second son of the said Thomas Seckford, Esq., and Margaret his wife. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Harlowe, Esq., relict of Sir Martin Bowes, of London, Knt; died without issue, in 1587-8, aged 72; and was buried in a vault which he erected himself, in a chapel on the north side of the chancel of Woodbridge church.

Erancis, his elder brother, deceased before their father.

Charles Seckford, Esq., succeeded his grandfather, in the Seckford Hall estate, and his uncle Thomas, in the Woodbridge Priory estate; and married Mary, daughter of Thomas Steyning, of Earl Soham, Esq., by Frances his wife, Countess dowager of Surrey, daughter of John Vere, Earl of Oxford. He represented the borough of Aldeburgh in parliament, in the 14th of Queen Elizabeth, and died in 1591, aged 37; buried at Woodbridge, as was his widow in 1596.

Sir Thomas Seckford succeeded, and married Amie, daughter of ______ Brewster: he died in 1610, leaving Thomas, his only surviving son, who died in 1624, at Trinity College Cambridge, aged 10, and lies buried in the chapel there, under a handsome monument, erected by his uncle, Henry Seckford, Esq.; who, on this failure of issue male, of his brother Thomas, became seized of the whole property. He died in 1026, without issue.

Henry Seckford, Esq., of Clerkenwell, Master of the Pavilion to King James, supported his claim as heir male, and sued his livery in the 5th of King Charles, 1029; he suffered a recovery, and being seized in fee of the entire estate, settled the same on himself, and Dorothy his wife, and their heirs in fee. He died in 1038, without issue.

Mrs. Dorothy Seckford, his widow, was the daughter of Sir Henry North, Knt., and sister of Henry North, of Sternfield, in this county, Esq. She died at Seckford Hall, in 1673, and bequeathed that estate to Seckford Cage, Esq., the heir general of the Seckfords; who sold it to Samuel Atkinson, Esq., of Croydon, in Surrey. It is now the property of James Morrison, Esq., M,P., by purchase.

The inscription on the church porch, mentioned by Mr. Kirby, reads as follows: "Orate pro Animabus Thomas Seckeford Armi: et Margareta uxs;" and Mr. Weever gives the following memorials from this church: "Thomas Seckford, esquire, Elizabeth and Margaret his wives, which Thomas dyed xxiii. of Novemb. in 1505." "Thomas Sampson, esquire, dyed the 5. of February 1507." (His family resided at the adjoining parish of Playford.)

ARMS. Seckford: ermine; on a fess, gules, three escallops, or; and for their crest, a talbot, passant, ermine.

The prior and convent at Woodbridge, were seized of rent in Bealings Magna, 5s., and Bealings Parva, 2s.

Major Edward Moor, author of "Oriental Fragments," "Hindoo Pantheon," "A Suffolk Glossary,"&c. has a neat seat in this parish.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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