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Baudsey Parish

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Bawdresey or Baldesia

In the reign of King Henry II., the lordship and advowson of this parish were vested in Ralph de Glanville, Lord Chief Justice of England; who, previous to his joining the Crusades, under King Richard I., divided his estate between his three daughters and co-heiresses. A moiety of this subsequently became the estate of the Prior and Convent of Butley, of which he was the founder; the other moiety, the inheritance of the Ufford family.

Robert de Ufford, Steward of the Royal Household, was owner thereof; and upon his decease it was assigned to Cicely de Valoines, his widow, as part of her dowry. In the 11th of King Edward III., their son, Robert de Ufford, Earl of Suffolk, obtained a grant of a weekly market, and an annual fair, in this his manor of Bawdresey.

He deceased in the 43rd of the same reign, when his honours and possessions descended to William de Ufford, his son and heir, who died without issue, possessed of this lordship, in the 5th of King Richard II., and his estates became devisable between the issue of his three sisters.

Cicely, the eldest, married John, 3rd Lord Willoughby de Eresby, who deceased in the 46th of King Edward III., and Robert their son, 4th Baron, succeeded to this estate, as nephew and one of the co-heirs of the above William de Ufford, upon the decease of that nobleman.

It continued in their descendants until the failure of male issue, in William Lord Willoughby, 9th Baron; who died in 1525, seized of this lordship, with those of Ufford, Bredfield, Sogenhowe, Winderfelde, Woodbridge, Orford, Wykes Ufford, Parham, and Campsey, in this county. He was interred in the collegiate church of Mettingham, in Suffolk.

Catherine, Baroness Willoughby de Eresby in her own right, was his sole daughter and heir, by the Lady Mary Salines, his second wife. She married, first, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, and afterwards Richard Bertie, of Bersted, in Kent, Esq., a gentleman singularly accomplished and learned, attached to the Court of King Henry VIII.; by whom she had issue the Hon. Peregrine Bertie, (so called from being born in a foreign country), and a daughter, Susanna, who married, first, Reginald Grey, 15th Earl of Kent, and, secondly, Sir John Wingfield, Knt.

The Dutchess of Suffolk1 and her husband, Richard Bertie, were eminent for their services in the cause of the reformation. Active and zealous in its promotion, they were obliged during the sanguinary persecution of Queen Mary, to provide for their safety by quitting the kingdom. The hardships which they underwent during their exile, were so singular and severe, that they were afterwards commemorated, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, in a curious old ballad.2

Peregrine Bertie, their only son,, was 10th Lord Willoughby de Eresby. He distinguished himself at the siege of Zutphen, in the Low Countries, in 1586; and the following year was appointed General of the English Forces in the United Provinces: this gave him an opportunity of signalizing himself in several actions against the Spaniards, one of which is the subject of another popular old ballad.3

His lordship married the Lady Mary de Vere, daughter and heiress of John, 16th Earl of Oxford; by which marriage he still further increased the family possessions in this county. Their son Robert, 11th Baron, inherited, in right of his mother, the high office of Lord Great Chamberlain of England; and having greatly distinguished himself in a military career, was installed a Knight of the illustrious order of the Garter, and, in 1626, created Earl of Lindsey. His descendant in the fourth generation, was created Duke of Ancaster.

The Barony of Willoughby de Eresby merged in this Earldom of Lindsey, and Dukedom of Ancaster, until the death of Robert, 4th Duke, without issue, in 1779; when the above ancient Barony fell into abeyance between his Grace's sisters and co-heirs, and it so remained until the same was terminated by the Crown,4 in 1 780, in favor of the elder co-heir, Priscilla Barbara Elizabeth, the wife of Sir Peter Burrell, Bart., first Baron Gwydyr.

The present representative of this illustrious house, is the Right Hon. Lord Willoughby de Eresby, 19th Baron, Lord Great Chamberlain of England, eldest son of the Right Hon. Lord Gwydyr, and Lady Willoughby de Eresby, Baroness in her own right, daughter and co-heiress of Peregrine, 3rd Duke of Ancaster.

The descent of this manor did not continue in this family throughout the long line of ancestry above described, but became vested in that of Tallemache, Earls of Dysart; from whom it passed to the Sheppard family. We have, however, chosen to continue the descent to the present period, as, after the lapse of many ages, a branch of this ancient house (tracing Royal descent from Edward I.,  King of England),5 has recently become re-planted in our county; from whose scions, we would hope, the future genealogist will be able to trace, for many successive generations, a long- continued descent, as famed for honor and valor as its predecessors.

The Hon. Lindsey Burrell, second son of Lord Gwydyr, has recently purchased the estate of Stoke Park, near Ipswich; and makes that charming spot his occasional residence. Robert Burrell, Esq., his eldest son, lately married Sophia, only child of Frederick Campbell, of Birkfield Lodge, near Ipswich, Esq., and has issue Willoughby Burrell, Esq.6 Georgiana, eldest daughter of the above honorable gentleman, is the wife of Hamilton Lloyd Anstruther, Esq., of Hintlesham Hall, in this county.

ARMS. Glanville: argent; a chief indented azure. Ufford: sable; a cross engrailed, or. Willoughby: or; fretty, azure. Bertie: argent; three battering rams, proper, armed and rimed, or. Burrell: vert; three plain shields, argent, each having a bordure engrailed, or.

In 1315, a sequestration was granted to Henry, rector of this parish, who was Dean of the College of the Chapel of St. Mary in the Fields, at Norwich, and also second Prebend, or Chancellor of the said College.

In 1549, Richard Denney, of this parish, presented Michael Dunning, LL.D., to the vicarage of Gissing, in Norfolk, as patron for this turn only, by grant from Thomas, late Prior of the dissolved house of Butley; the grant being made prior to its dissolution. This Michael Dunning was vicar general, and rector of North Tuddenham, in Norfolk, of whom some account is given in "Fox's Martyrs," and in "Brown's Posthumous Works."

In 1807, died, the Rev. John Walker, vicar of this parish, and one of the minor Canons of Norwich Cathedral. He was formerly Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford; an admirable scholar, possessed of a very brilliant imagination, and a most refined taste, which rendered him highly popular as a preacher. Mr. Walker also held preferment in Norwich, and was vicar of Stoke Holy Cross, in Norfolk.

Mem. Nov. 5, 1841, this parish church was burned to the ground. The accident was occasioned by two men going on the steeple with a turpentine ball (it being the anniversary of the gun-powder treason), which they set on fire; and a part of the ball falling on the thatch of the church, it immediately ignited: all exertions to put out the fire were fruitless.

1. There is a portrait of the Dutchess, published by T. Chamberlaine, in 1792; engraved by Bartolozzi, from a drawing by Hans Holbein,

2. See "Suffolk Garland,"

3. See "Suffolk Garland,"

4. This is one of the very ancient Baronies, created by Writ of Summons, which pass, being heritable by heirs male or female, at different periods into different families; and sometimes remain for centuries dormant: for in the instance of there being no male heir, but several female, the Barony does not devolve upon the eldest daughter, but upon ail conjointly, and cannot, consequently, be inherited until there be a single heir to the whole, without the especial interference of the Crown.

5. Pedigree. Burrell, Of Stoke Park.

Edward I., King of England, died 1307. = Eleanor, daughter of Ferdinand III., King of Castile. L

Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester and=Princess Joan, of Acres.
Hertford, died 1295.

Hugh, Baron le Despencer, beheaded=Eleanor, daughter and heiress of Gilbert, 1326. Earl of

Richard Fitz Alan, Earl of Arundel,=Isabella, d. of Hugh Baron le Despencer.
K.G., died 1375.

Sir Richard Serjeaux, of Cornwall, Knt.=Philippa, d. of Richard, Earl of Arundel.
ob. 21st Richard II. L 1

Richard de Vere, Earl of Oxford, K.G.,=Alicia, daug. and heiress of Sir Richard Serjeaux, Knt.
died 4th Henry V.                                  

Sir Robert de Vere, 2nd son, Governor =Joan, dau. of Sir Hugh Courtenay, Knt.
of Caen, slain 1450.

Sir John de Vere, Knt.=Alice, daughter and heir of Sir Walter Kilrington, Knt.

John de Vere succeeded, as Earl of Ox-= Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Sir Edward Trussell, Knt.
ford, 1527, died 1539.

John de Vere, Earl of Oxford, K.G.,= Margaret, sister of Sir Thomas Golding, Knt.
Lord Great Chamberlain of England,
died anno 4th Elizabeth.

Peregrine Bertie, Lord Willoughby de = Mary, aunt and heir of the whole blood of Henry de Vere, Eresby, died 1601.                                Earl of Oxford.

Robert Bertie, Earl of Lindsey, Baron = Elizabeth, only daug. of Edward, Lord Montague, of Willoughby de Eresby, K.G., Lord         Boughton.
Great Chamberlain of England, killed
at the Battle of Edge Hill, 23rd Oct., 1642.

Montague Bertie, Earl of Lindsey, Baron = Martha, dau. of Sir Wm. Cockayn, Knt.
Willoughby de Eresby, K.G., died1666

Robert Bertie, Earl of Lindsey, Baron = Elizabeth, d. of Philip, Lord Wharton.
Willoughby de Eresby, &c., died 1701. 

Robert Bertie, Duke of Ancaster and = Mary, daug. of Sir Richard Wynn, Bart.
Kesteven, Marquess and Earl of
Lindsey, Baron Willoughby de
Eresby, &c. died 1723.

Peregrine Bertie, Duke of Ancaster, &c.= Jane, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Brownlow, of
died 1742.                                               Belton, Bart.

Peregrine Bertie, Duke of Ancaster, &c.= Mary, daughter of Thomas Pauton, of Newmarket, Esq.
died 1778.

Peter Burrell, Baron Gwydyr, died 1820. = Prisoilla, Baroness Willoughbyde Eresby, eldest 
                                                                  daughter and co-heir.
Issue =

Peter Robert Burrell, Baron Gwydyr, succeeded as 19thBarou Willoughby de Eresby, in 1828, Lord Gt. Chamberlain of England, &c. &c.

The Honorable Lindsey Burrell = Frances, d. Jas. Daniell, Esq.
 born 1786

     Robert Burrell, Esq .= Sophia, dau. of F. W. Campbell, Esq. of Birkfield Lodge.
      born in 1810.

      Willoughby Burrell, Esq. born in 1841.

The Hon. Elizabeth Burrell, married John Earl Clare, of in 1826.

6. Vide Pedigree.

County of Suffolk

Topographical and Genealogical, The County of Suffolk, 1844, Augustine Page

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