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List of Extinct Peerages 

British Isles Genealogy | Biographical Peerage Of The Empire Of Great Britain


From the Accession of the
House of Hanover

N, B The Royal Family are not included ; and no notice is taken of extinctions which have occurred subsequent to the grants of new pate is with extended limitations because, in those cafes, a peerage was continued in a family without interruption.

1292  Grey, duke of -Kent 1740
1461 Haftings, earl of Huntingdon 1789
1509 Darcy, earl of Holdernefs 1777
1544 Wharton, duke of Wharton 1731
1547 Sheffield, duke of Buckingham 1736
1547 Rich, earl of Warwick anti Holland 1756
1554 Brydges, lord Chandos, (in suspence) 
dukedom extinct
1559 Carey, lord Hunfdon 1765
1603 Sydney, earl of Leicefter 1743
1611 Leonard, earl of Suffex 1715
1617 Savage, earl R Rivers 1800
1622 Montagu, duke of Montagu 1728
1624 Leke, earl of Scarfdale 1749
1625 Robarts, earl of Radnor 1735
1627 Lovelace, lord Lovelace 1758
1628 Pierrepoint, duke of Kingfton 1736
1628 Howard, lord d-Inward of Efcricke 1773
1629 Herbert, marquis of Powis 1748

Biographical Peerage Of The Empire Of Great Britain

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