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British Isles Genealogy | Biographical Peerage Of The Empire Of Great Britain


Classed according to the Source from whence the Ancestor of each derived his Peerage: all prior to the Extinction of the House of Tudor being classed as Feudal.

N.B. Such as were advanced from the Scotch and Irish peerage, are in general omitted; as deriving their honors through that medium, of which a lift has already been given.



1294 Neville, earl of Abergavenny. 1295 Grey, now earl of Stamford.
-----  Berkeley, earl Berkeley.
1297 Courtenay, now vifeount Courtenay.
1298 Clifford, now lord Clifford of Chudleigh.
------Clinton, duke of Newcaftle. 1313 Willoughby, now lord Middleton.
1330 Talbot, earl of Shrewsbury.
3 42 Weft, earl Delawarr.
1385 Lumley, earl of Scarborough. 1448 Stourton, lord Stourton.
1456 Stanley, earl of Derby
1459 Howard, duke of Norfolk.
1470 Devereux, vifcount Hereford. 1506 Somerfet, duke of Beaufort. 1515 Manners, duke of Rutland
1529 Mordaunt, earl of Peterborough. 1536 Seymour, duke of Somerfet. 1539 Powlett, marquis of Winchefter. ------Ruffel, duke of Bedford.
1551 Herbert, earl of Pembroke.  1554 North, earl of Guilford.
1554 Brydges, lord Chandos.
------Howard, earl of Effingham.
1559 St. John, lord St. John of Bletfo. 1567 Sackville, duke of Dorfet.
1570 Cecil, marquis of Exeter.
1572 Compton, earl of Northampton. 1580 Bertie, duke of Ancafter.
1597 Howard, earl of Suffolk.


1603 Cecil, marquis of Salifbury.
1661 Cooper, earl of Shaftefbury.
1673 Ofborne, duke of Leeds.
1711 Harley, earl of Oxford.
1712 St. John, vifcount Bolinbroke.
1717 Stanhope, earl Stanhope.
1723 Walpole, earl of Orford.
1742 Stanhope, earl oŁ Harrington.
1749 Wyndham, earl of Egremont.
1751 Legge, lord Stawel.
----- Stuart, marquis of Bute.
----- Robinfon, lord Grantham.
----- Pitt, earl of Chatham.
1762 Pelham, earl of Chichefler.
------Fox, lord Holland.
----- Percival, lord Lovel and Holland.
1776 Cuff, lord Brownlow.
1782 Germaine, vifcount Sackville.
17 83 Townfhend, vifcount Sydney.
1786 Jenkinfon, earl of Liverpool.
1788 Harris, earl of Malmfbury.
1790 Grenville, lord Grenville.
1792 Pulteney, countefs of Bath.
1793 Eden, lord Aukland.
1794 Ellis, lord Mendip.
1797 Wellefley, lord Wellefley.
1797 Elliott, lord Minto.
1801 Fitzherbert, lord St. Helens. 1802 Holroyd, lord Sheffield.
------Dundas, vifcount Melville.
1805 Addington, vifcount Sidmouth.


1603 Egerton, earl of Bridgewater.
1620 Montagu, duke of Manchefter. 1629 Coventry, earl of Coventry. 1703 Finch, earl of Aylesford.
1706 Cowper, earl Cowper.
1711 Harcourt) earl Harcourt.
------Trevor, vifcount Hampden.
1716 Parker, earl of Macclesfield. 1725 King, lord King.
1733 Yorke, earl of Hardwicke.
------Talbot, earl Talbot.
1756 Murray, earl of Mansfield.
1765 Pratt, earl Camden.
1776 G Ryder, lord Harrowby.
1778 Thurlow, lord Thurlow.
1780 Wedderbum, earl of Rofslyn.
------De Grey, lord Walfingham. 1782 Dunning, lord Afhburton.
------Norton, lord Grantley.
1788 Kenyon, lord Kenyon.
1799 Scott, lord Eldon.
------Fitzgibbon, lord Fitzgibbon. 1801 Arden, lord Alvanley.
1802 Mitford, lord Redefdale.
------Law, lord Ellenborough.
1806 Erfkine, lord Erfkine.
1807 Sutton, lord Manners.


1660 Montagu, earl of Sandwich. 1720 Byng, vifcount Torrington.
1776 Hawke, lord Hawke.
1782 Rodney, lord Rodney.
1788 Howe, baronets Howe.
1795 Hood, lord Hood.
1797 Jervis, earl St. Vincent.
------Duncan, vifcount Duncan.
1798 Nelfon, earl Nelfon.
1800 Hood, lord Bridport.
1801 Keith, lord Keith.
1805 Middleton, lord Barham.
------Collingswood, lord Collingwood.
1806 Gardner, lord Gardner.
1807 Gambier, lord Gambier.


1702 Churchill, duke of Marlborough.
1716 Cadogan, earl Cadogan.
1717 Temple, now marquis of Buckingham.
1776 Amherft, lord Amherft.
1763 Rawdon, lord Rawdon.
1786 Carleton, lord Dorchefter.
1787 Elliot, lord Heathfield.
1794 Phipps, lord Mulgrave.
----- Clive, earl of Powis.
1801 Abercromby, baronets Abercromby.
------Grey, earl Grey.
------Hutchinfon, lord Hutchinfon.
1804 Lake, vifcount Lake.
1807 Cathcart, vifcount Cathcart.



1620 Fielding, earl of Denbigh.
1621 Craven, earl Craven.
1672 Fitzroy, duke of Grafton.
1675 Lenox, duke of Richmond.
1676 Beauclerk, duke of St. Albany.
1682 Kennet, earl of Tankerville.
------Legge, earl of Dartmouth.
1686 Waldegrave, earl Waldegrave.
1689 Bentinck, duke of Portland.
------Afhburnham, earl of Afhburnham
1691 Villiers, earl of Jerfey.
1691 Naffau, earl of Rochford.
1697 Keppel, earl of Albemarle.
1728 Hobart, earl of Buckinghamshire
1747 Fox, earl of llchefter.
1756 Villiers, earl of Clarendon.
1761 Irby, lord Bolton.
1765 Digby, earl Digby.
1766 Pitt, lord Rivers.
1794 Peachey, lord Selfey.


1603 Petre, lord Petre. 
------Spencer, lord Sunderland, merged in Marlborough,
1604 Arundel, lord Arundel of Wardour.
-------Cavendifh, duke of Devonfhire.
1615 Dormer, lord Dormer.
1616 Stanhope, earl of Chefterfield. 1622 Greville, earl of Warwick. 1623 Finch, earl of Winchelfea. 1624 Fane, earl of Weftmoreland, 1626 Tufton, earl of Thanet.
1627 Brudenell, earl of Card
------Bellafis, vifcount Fauconberg.
1627 Poulet, Carl Poulet.
1628 Maynard, lord Maynard.
1641 Caffel, earl of Effex.
1641 Byron, lord Byron.
1645 Cholmondeley, earl Cholmondeley.
1660 Hickman, earl of Plymouth.
1661 Howard, earl of Carliffe.
----- Cornwallis, marquis Cornwallis.
------Townfhend, marquis Townfhend,
1672 Shirley, earl Ferrers.
1642 Thynne, vifcount Weymouth.
1682 Fermor, earl of Pomfret.
1699 Vane, earl of Darlington.
1703 Gower, marquis of Stafford.
1711 Bathurft, earl Bathurft.
1714 Hervey, earl of Briftol.
----- Sherard, earl of Harborough.
1716 Onflow, earl Onflow.
----- Marfham, earl of Romney.
1720 Wallop, earl of Portfmouth.
------Bofcawen, vifcount Falmouth.
------Moreton, lord Ducie.
1728 Monfon, lord Monfon.
1741 Bromley, lord Montfort.
1742 Fitzwilliam, earl Fitzwilliam.
----- Edgcumbe, earl Mount Edgcunlbe.
17 6 Bruce, earl of Aylefbury.
1760 Watfon, lord Sondes.
1761 Grofveror, earl Grofvenor.
----- Curzon, lord Scarfdale.
1762 Vernon, lord Vernon.
1776 Foley, lord Foley.
1780 Bagot, lord Bagot.
1784 Eliot, ford Eliot.
------Lowther, earl of Lonflale.
------Egerton, earl of Walton.
------Cocks, lord Somers.
------Parker, lord Boringdon,
1784 Hill, lord Berwick.
------Dutton, lord Sherborne:
1786 Harbord, lord Suffield.
1794 Bridgeman, lord Mendip
------Curzon, vifcount Curzon.
------Pelham, lord Yarborough.
1796 Rous, lord Rous.
------Calthorpe, lord Calthorpe.
------Baffet, lord Dunftanville.
------Lafcelles, lord Harewood.
------Rolle, lord Rolle.
------Campbell, lord Cawdor.
------Pierrepoint, earl Danvers. 1797 Wodehoufe, lord Wodehoufe
------Rufhout, lord Rufhout.,
------Powis, lord Lilford.
------Lifter, lord Ribblefdale.
1806 Anfon, vifcount Anfon.
------Crewe, lord Crewe.
------Lygon, lord Beauchamp.


1682 Bertie, earl of Abingdon. 1794 Carteret, lord Carteret.
1780 Fitzroy, lord Southampton. 1707 Grenville, lord Glaftonbury,
------Townfhend, lord Bayning.
1760 Herbert, Earl of Carnarvon.
------Scott, lord Dalkeith.
------Gordon, lord Huntley
------Afhburnham, lord St. Afaph.
------Spencer, lord Blandford.


1780 Verney, lord Willoughby de Broke.
1644 Ward, vifcount Dudley.
1721 Bligh, lord Clifton.
1745 Noel, vifcount Wentworth.
1776 Southwell, lord de Clifford.
1777 Thicknefs, lord Audley.
1780 Rice, lord Dynevor.
1781 Twifleton, lord Say and Sela.
1786 Scot, lord Montagu.
1788 Stapleton, lord de Spencer.
------Nevile, lord Braybroke.
1792 Trefufis, lord Clinton.
1794 Burrell, lord Gwydit.
1797 Orde, lord Bolton.
1799 Gould, lord Grey of Ruthyn.
1802 Hill, baronets Sandys.
1803 Ellis, lord Howard of Walden


1747 Bouverie, earl of Radnor. 1797 Smith, lord Carrington.


Biographical Peerage Of The Empire Of Great Britain

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