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Aubrey Beauclerk, Duke of St. Albans 

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     Descended from Charles, a natural son of Charles II. by Nell Gwinn; who was born 1670; and created duke of St. Albans, 1684. He married 1694, lady Diana Vere, sole daughter and heir of Aubrey de Vere, twentieth and last earl of Oxford, of that most ancient and truly illustrious house, and died 1726 t. 56. His eldest son, Charles, second duke, died 1751, t. 56; George, his son, third duke, died 1786, and was succeeded by George, his cousin, grandson of lord William Beauclerk, who died 1787; and was succeeded by Aubrey, lord Vere, (son of lord Vere Beauclerk, who had been created baron Vere of Hanworth), father of the present, and sixth duke.
     His grace succeeded to the titles in 1802, and married, first, Miss Moses; and, secondly, Miss Manners, sister to sir William Manners. His grace was brought up in the navy. He was born 1765.
     Female Descent.] Vere, Chambers, Ponsonby.
     Chief Seat.] Hanworth, Middlesex.
     Heir Presumptive.] Lord William Beauclerk, his brother.



A family founded by John Ruffel, of Berwick, in Dorfetfhire, a favourite of Henry VIII. who created him baron Ruffell, 1538, and earl of Bedford, 1550, and made him waft grants of abbey lands, at the diffolution of monafteries. He died 1555. His great grandfon Francis, fourth earl of Bedford, was the peer who makes a figure in lord Clarendon's Hiftory: he died 1641. His fon William, fifth earl, was the father of the celebrated William, lord Ruffel, who fell a facrifice to the defpotic times of Charles II. on July 21, 1682. After the revolution, the father was rewarded by a dukedom, on May  11, 1694; and died 1700, aet. 87. His grandfon, Wriothefly, fecond duke, died 1711, aet. 31, whofe younger fon John, fourth duke, after a life of political warfare, died 1711, aet. 61.
     Francis, his grandfon, the late duke, died at Woburn, March 2, 1802, aet. 37. The party which he embraced during the rage, of the French revolution, called forth the moft fervid blaze of Bufke's animadverfions ; but his many excellencies of head and heart, and his fpirited patronage of agriculture, afterwards drew a funeral eulogy from Fox, which will not eafily be forgotten.
     John, his younger brother, fixth anti prefent duke, was, in 1806, appointed lord lieutenant of Ireland. Ire married, firfl, a daughter of lord Torrington, in 1786 ; fecondly, a daughter of the duke of Gordon, in 1803.
     Female Defcent.] Sapcotes, St. John, Long, Brydges, Carr, Wriothefly, Howland, Gower, Keppel.
     Chief Seats.] Woburn-Abbey, Bedfordfbire, and Streatham, Surrey.
     Heir.] Francis, marquis of Taviftock, born 1788.


Biographical Peerage Of The Empire Of Great Britain

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