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WILLIAM HENRY, third son of the late Frederick, prince of Wales, was born at Leicester-house, on Nov.14/23, 1743
     He was baptized, eleven days afterwards.
      At the marriage of their majesties, Sep. 8, 1761, his royal highness walked on the queen's left-hand to and from the chapel; and as he had no right then (as be was not a peer) to form a part in the public procession at the coronation, on the 22d of that month, he handed his mother, the princess dowager of Wales, who with her younger children, &c. made a leafier procession, to and from Westminster Abbey.
     On May 27, 1762, his royal highness was, at a chapter of the Garter, held at St. James's, elected a knight of that most noble order; was installed at Windsor on September 25, following, when the king and queen honored the solemnity with their presence: soon after which he was appointed ranger of Hampton-court Park, in Middlesex.
     A few days before his royal highness was of full age, 'VIZ. on Nov. 17, 1764, his majesty was pleased to grant to him, and to the heirs mate of his royal highness, the: dignities of a duke of the kingdom of Great Britain, and
of an earl of the kingdom of Ireland, by the names, stiles, and titles, of duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh, in the said kingdom of Great Britain, and of earl of Connaught, in the said kingdom of Ireland.
     On Wednesday, Dec. 19, 1764, his royal highness was, by his majesty's command, introduced into the privy-council, and took his place at the council-board. His royal highness, on Thursday Jan. 10, 1765, being the first day of the fourth session of the twelfth parliament of Great Britain, took the oaths and his seat in the House of peers.
     His royal highness, on June 28, 1766, was appointed colonel of the 13th regiment of foot; and on the decease of his royal brother, Edward, duke of York, had a grant from his majesty of the custody of the lodge and walks in Cranburne-chafe, in the forest of Windsor, &c. &c. On Jan. 6, 1768 , he was constituted a major-general of his majesty's forces, and colonel of the third regiment of foot guards. On March go, 1770 he was promoted to the rank of major-general, likewise to the command of the first regiment of foot guards; and in Jan. 1771, was appointed warden and keeper of the New Forest &c. in the county of Southampton. Also, on May 25 1772, was advanced to the rank of general of his majesty's forces; and afterwards to the rank of senior field-marshal.
   His royal highness was likewise ranger and keeper of Windsor Forest ranger of Hampton-court Park, chancellor of the University of Dublin, and president of the London Infirmary.
     His royal highness was married on Sep. 6, 1766, to Maria, daughter of sir Edward Walpole, knight of the Bath, and widow of James, earl of Waldegrave. Their issue were,
      1. Princess Sophia Matilda, born at Gloucester-house, May 29, and baptized there, June 26, 1773.
       2. Princess Carolina Augusta Maria, born at Gloucester-house, June 24, 1774, died there, March 14, 1775, and was buried in St. George's chapel, Windsor.
       3. Prince William Frederick, born at the Theodole-palace, in the city of Rome, Jan. 15, and baptized there, Feb. 12, 1776.
     His royal highness died, Aug. 25, 1805, and was succeeded by his only son, William Frederick, duke of Gloucester.
     His royal highness is a lieutenant-general in the army, egad colonel of the third regiment of foot guards.

Biographical Peerage Of The Empire Of Great Britain

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