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Chapters From the Family Chests 

British Isles Genealogy | Chapters From the Family Chest


By Edward Walford, M.A.

Volume I

The Haigs of Bemersyde Sir William Pepperell
Rachel, Lady Russell The Noble House of Knollys
The Caryls of West Sussex The Bad Lord Byron
The Ill-Fated House of Condray Wealthy Sir John Duck, Bart
The Escape of Lady Ogilvy The Bulstrodes of Bulstrode
Harriet Mellon, Duchess of St. Alban's An Episode in the Life of Lord Eldon
The Shepherd Earl of Cumberland The Buccaneer Earl of Cumberland
The Fall of the Great House of Norwich The Romance of the House of Audley
The Eccentric Baronet The Stuarts of To-Day
Sir John Duddleston A Right Noble Cavendish
Matthew, Lord Rokeby Jack of Newbury
The Noble House of Lansdowne The Ducal House of Montrose
An Incident in the House of Radcliffe The Proud House of Percy
The Stanleys and the Botelers The Countess of Drogheda
A Tragedy in the House of Montgomery The Hon. Mrs. Damer

Volume II

The Rise of the Phippses Pergrine Bertie
The Stanleys and the Murrays The House of De Clifford
Poor Sir John Dineley, Bart Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat
The Rise of the Ducal House of Portland The Noble House of Courtenay
The Gallant Admiral Lord Dundonald The Murder of Lord Charlemont
The Dudleys of Northamptonshire Thornton of Thornville
The Cavendishes Bess of Harwicke
Olive, Princess of Cumberland Wild Darell of Littlecote
Eliza Farren, Countess of Derby A Romance in the House of Rosenbery
Three Very Fair Seymours Lettice Digby, Lady Offaley
Romance of the Earldom of Kellie The Romance in the Dartmouth Family
Old Lady Cork The De La Poles
The Eglinton Tournament Malcolm, Lord Forth
The Prince and Princess of Hess-Homburg The Rise of the House of Goldsmid
The Love-Match of the Earl of Ossory Nan Clarges, Duchess of Albemarle
Margaret, Duchess of Newcastle The Lordship of Lorne
The Ancient Earldom of Desmond The Gallant Sir John Chandos


Chapters From the Family Chests, 1887

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