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Chief dates in the life of Thomas Babington Macaulay, afterwards Baron Macaulay:

1800 (Oct. 25) Birth at Rothley Temple, Leicestershire.
1818-1825 Life at Cambridge (Fellow of Trinity, 1824).
1825 Essay on Milton contributed to Edinburgh Review.
1826 Joined the Northern Circuit.
1830 M.P. for Calne (gift of the Marquis of Lansdowne).
1833 M.P. for Leeds.
1834-38 Legal Adviser to the Supreme Council of India. Work at the Indian Penal Code.
1839 M.P. for Edinburgh, and Secretary at War In Melbourne's Cabinet.
1842 Lays of Ancient Rome.
1843 Collected edition of the Essays.
1847 Rejected at the Election of M.P. for Edinburgh.
1848 England from the Accession of James II. vols. I and II
1852 M.P. for Edinburgh; serious illness.
1855 History of England, vols. III and IV.
1857 Raised to the peerage.
1859 (Dec. 28) Death at Holly Lodge, Kensington. (Buried in Westminster Abbey, 9th January 1860.)

The following are the works of Thomas Babington Macaulay:

Pompeii (Prize poem), 1819; Evening (prize poem), 1821; Lays of Ancient Rome (1842); Ivry and the Armada (Quarterly Magazine), added to Edition of 1848; Critical and Historical Essays (Edinburgh Review), 1843.

The Essays originally appeared as follows:

Milton, August 1825; Machiavelli, March 1827; Hallam's "Constitutional History," September 1828; Southey's "Colloquies," January 1830; R. Montgomery's Poems, April 1830; Civil Disabilities of Jews, January 1831; Byron, June 1831; Croker's "Boswell," September 1831; Pilgrim's Progress, December 1831; Hampden, December 1831; Burleigh, April 1832; War of Succession in Spain, January 1833; Horace Walpole, October 1833; Lord Chatham, January 1834; Mackintosh's "History of Revolution," July 1835; Bacon, July 1837; Sir William Temple, October 1838; "Gladstone on Church and State," April 1839; Clive, January 1840; Ranke's "History of the Popes," October 1840; Comic Dramatists, January 1841; Lord Holland, July 1841; Warren Hastings, October 1841; Frederick the Great, April 1842; Madame D'Arblay, January 1843; Addison, July 1843; Lord Chatham (2nd Art.), October 1844.

History of England, vols. i. and ii., 1848; vols. iii. and iv., 1855; vol. v., Ed. Lady Trevelyan, 1861; Ed. 8 vols., 1858-62 (Life by Dean Milman); Ed. 4 vols., People's Edition, with Life by Dean Milman, 1863-4; Inaugural Address (Glasgow), 1849; Speeches corrected by himself, 1854 (unauthorized version, 1853, by Vizetelly); Miscellaneous Writings, 2 vols. 1860 (Ed. T. F. Ellis). These include poems, lives (Encyclo. Britt. 8th ed.), and contributions to Quarterly Magazine, and the following from Edinburgh Review:

Dryden, January 1828; History, May 1828; Mill on Government, March 1829; Westminster Reviewer's Defence of Mill, June 1829; Utilitarian Theory of Government, October 1829; Sadler's "Law of Population," July 1830; Sadler's "Refutation Refuted," January 1831 Mirabeau, July 1832; Barere, April 1844.

Complete Works (Ed. Lady Trevelyan), 8 vols., 1866.

Books Of Reference

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Critical and Historical Essays, Volume I

Critical And Historical Essays, Volume I, Thomas Babbington Macaulay, 1843

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